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Hey! I'm Trent Palmer.


The Owner, Operator, And Designer  Behind Everything We Do Here At Northstar! I went to school for website development and graphic design, but have spent the last 7 years professionally pursuing film. Three years ago, after graduating college, I dove headfirst into starting a business designed to help others brand their businesses. I've had business partners and co-owners in the past, but I felt that it was time to go off on my own.

Now I run Northstar, (as I've said a few times now) and spend most of my time building websites, producing and directing films for companies, or pursuing my independent film work. I also run a YouTube channel focused on teaching video editing and cinematography. It's fair to say I have a burning passion for what I do, and truly look forward to helping you build your own business.  




Every company needs a way to visually represent themselves. I know you're probably thinking that it can't be more important than doing good work, and it isn't. However, when trying to attract clients, professional consistency is usually a good place to start. With both a Logo and Company Branding that's cohesive; you automatically stand above the competition before you even pitch your services. It's a "benefit-only"  type of service! 


Now that you have a logo and brand design, you'll need to sell your prospective clients on the services you provide-- or the brand behind the services themselves. Either can be effective, but both usually require some form of advertising or proof of work. In the age of the internet, photos and videos reign and are our primary forms of advertising and communication. It only makes sense to invest in photos to show off your brand and its personality, while also having a video produced to sell your clients on the idea of working with you specifically.


Let's Say you have a tough prospect. They're biting at some of your pitch, but you're having trouble closing the sale. What then? ----- My best guess is that they'd want to learn more about you; and if you have a brand video and photos to share with them, those will need a place to live. A website is a great way to do this-- it's more professional than a common Facebook page, yet allows your audience to learn about you, your processes, your products, and your past works without the distractions that would exist on Facebook. This means all attention from your audience will be focused on your brand and your brand alone.


If you've read the entire service list above, and feel like your brand could benefit from it all,.

This Is The Best Way To Get It Done!  The complete package includes all the services I offer to elevate and take your brand to a new level of professionalism. Did I mention that it also ends up being 20% cheaper than if you got each service individually?  No, well, it's the best bang for your buck. Having everything done in one place not only lets you spend less than the average company, but allows the workflow to be smoother and get you results quicker.

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