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The Parker Pelican Pad is a Seabrook Island Villa focused on creating an escape to nature amidst the hustle in Charleston. The Parkers, the owners, reached out to get my full package service. Originally pitched as a landing page for the villa, the website quickly evolved into a guide for Seabrook Island and Charleston, aimed at not only helping guests find their way around but also showcasing the local charm of the area.

Check out the website here.


In just one week, I was able to craft an exceptional logo that exceeded their expectations. Without a doubt, this is the most impressive and highly acclaimed logo I have developed this year. The logo perfectly embodies the Parker Pelican Pad brand, with the pelican representing its spirit, and the triangle symbolizing the brand's strong connection with nature and its rough edges. The robust corners of the triangle also showcase the villa's structural design, which seamlessly blends with the natural surroundings it is nestled in.

Brand Guide.png

To the left, you can see both the logo variations and the brand style guide which will help The Parker Pelican Pad brand their way cohesively. Breaking down which fonts to use, which colorways pair well together, and providing patterns for social post advertising allowed me to build a cohesive visual style for their brand.

tote_bag copy.jpg
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