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Rebecca with Greene Midwifery reached out in February of 2023 to get a logo created for her new Midwifery. She later came back and asked if I could create her brand identity package and website as well--to which I happily obliged. She wanted to prioritize earth tones with a neutral color base to exemplify the natural, yet gentle care that midwifery care is. Not only have I had the chance to get to know Rebecca, but I also had the pleasure of maintaining a consistent visual style across all of her marketing and graphic efforts. Something I value highly.


I went through about 13 different concepts for the logo, none of which turned out as we wanted. In the end, I sparked an idea, a single idea, and pitched it. To my surprise, this one worked, she was extremely happy with the results, and I ran with it. I delivered the logo with three variations, and 5 colorways (see brand style guide below). The turnaround time for this logo was a bit longer than expected, but through multiple reworks, I found something that worked!

Screenshot 2023-08-04 at 4.42_edited.jpg

To the left, you can see both the logo variations and the brand style guide which will help a mother's heart brand their way to success. Breaking down which fonts to use, which colorways pair well together, and providing mockups to go along with each logo for advertising allowed me to build a cohesive visual style for her brand.

biz card-1.jpg
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