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SOMM Wine Bar reached out before they opened to get a film made about their brand. The owner, Jordan Hooker, was an experienced wine connoisseur and was stoked about the idea of capturing his iconic red building from the sky. I also had the opportunity to storyboard and plan a shot list ahead of time, which helped me navigate the tight space and patrons dining at the bar that day. Overall, I had a blast filming with Jordan and truly find the atmosphere here to be so inviting!

At SOMM - Wine Bar, they take pride in providing their patrons with an exceptional range of delectable cheese and sumptuous charcuterie options at incredible prices. Additionally, they boast an unparalleled variety of wines by the glass, captivating wine flights, and an enticing assortment of wines available for retail purchase, ensuring that every wine enthusiast finds their perfect match. Check them out here.

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